OIC Salesforce Integration Demo

In older editions of OIC while connecting to Salesforce we need to save and upload Enterprise WSDL, however this process has changed now.
Its better to create developer account using https://developer.salesforce.com/signup as this developer edition of Salesforce provides more in aspect to Development capabilities.Once Done we need to do few things :-

Search ‘API’ in Quick Find and hit ‘Generate Enterprise WSDL’

Search “My Domain” and retrieve domain name.

Go to Settings and then go to Reset My Security Token and collect it from there.

Now Create an OIC connection of Salesforce Type like below:-

I have created 2 such connections to connect 2 SF accounts of mine.

Rest I have followed Ankur Jain’s (Techsupper ) tutorial to populate an Opportunity Salesforce Object in Database.
The high level steps are :-

1) Create a Workflow Rule in Salesforce

2) Download the Outbound Message WSDL

3) Provision an ATP Database in Oracle Cloud from OCI Console.

4) Download the Wallet and create the Connections
  • Create a SQL Developer connection using the Wallet
  • Create a Database Table in ATP Database

CREATE TABLE opportunity_demo (
o_id varchar2(255) not NULL,
o_name varchar2(255)NOT NULL,
o_amount number NOT NULL,
o_stage varchar2(255) NOT NULL,
o_account varchar2(50),

  • Create an OIC ATP Connection.
5) Build the integration :-

Use Salesforce Connection as Trigger, Browse the WSDL you downloaded in Step 2.

Build the integration using the 2 Connections using Salesforce as a trigger.

Map the objects:-

Save and activate the integration. Now go to Salesforce Outbound message and Update the Dummy End Point URL with the


6) Create an Opportunity in Salesforce Sales Console

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