Enable Business Events for Payables Business Events/Payments in Oracle Fusion Finance Cloud

Before you proceed further kindly checkout this article once. This contains the prerequisite for receiving callbacks or Business Events. It has most of the needs listed.


For Expenses / Financial Common Module / GL / Receivable / Revenue Management Business events are enabled using Rest API , but for Payables and Payments there is a facility to do it from Front end.

Go to Setup and Maintenance > Find Manage Administrator Profile Values > Search Enable Business Events

Toggle this value from NO to YES :-

Roles needed :-

  • Application Implementation Consultant
  • Financial Administrator

Oracle OIC ERP Adapter Supported Events list :-

Check Subscription like below :-https://<Your_fusion_host_name>/soa-infra/PublicEvent/subscriptions

Now it shows empty subscription. We will check the same again once the process is over.

Within OIC :- Configure the connectors

Create an app driven Orchestration with OIC using the above connector as trigger.

Connection configuration:-
In the radio button choose :- Receive Business Events raised within ERP Cloud
I am subscribing for the event : Payable Invoice Created

My Simple Service Looks like this :-

Now I created a Sample Invoice in Oracle Fusion to test:-

The invoice creation event has arrived

Now when you see this :- it shows a subscription.

Also Please do check out this amazing blog by Mr. Kishore Katta . Its Amazing. Details the Rest API related events and what not.

:- https://kishorekatta.blogspot.com/2020/08/real-time-item-synchronization-using.html
Thanks for reading.

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