Basic File Encryption and Decryption in OIC

To Encrypt or Decrypt we will need a set of keys.

We will use Public Key to Encrypt the Data and Private Key to Decrypt the Data.

I took this image from

We can now visit to generate pair of Keys. Or below method can be followed too. However pgpkeygen is widely used.

I used below settings.

NOTE : Copy the password in a notepad before you forget it. We will need this password while configuring SFTP Connection in OIC.

This gave me two files like below :-

Now create a SFTP Connection and configure like below :-

Test and Save the Connection.

The Integration looks like below :-

Rest Adapter Summary

Rest Sample Payload for inline methods.

"firstName" : "x",
"lastName" : "Y"

I have created the below simple CSV file to use in File Write Operation:-

Creating the file with Encryption.
Download Operation

Once activated and Tested got a successful response.

Thanks for reading.


In next Step Try using password free Authentication for SFTP Server.
Use DVMs to map the filename patterns and paths.

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