OIC:- Load FBDI and callback

We can automate the file based Data Import Process using OIC. Here we can see how to upload Currency and Daily Rates to Fusion Cloud using OIC.

Below are the 2 services we need to create where :-
Service 1:- Main Service , Loads a FBDI file in Oracle Fusion.
Service 2:- Callback Service, that Receives a callback from Fusion and does some tasks.

Part 1: Get the Roles

We will need one SFTP connection and one ERP Adapter for this exercise.
I am assuming you are aware of creating SFTP Connection. So lets proceed with creating the ERP Connection.

You may encounter an error like below but that’s expected:-

Your ID may not have the appropriate roles which are needed to configure ERP Adapter.
We need to Login to Fusion ERP Server using a user where we have proper Security privileges in other words once you login below item (In the below screenshot) should be accessible for you. If your user is not having this access you can ask your fusion admin to do these below tasks for you.

Under the hamburger menu on left Tools > Security Console

Under the hamburger menu in right under Tools > Security Console should be visible. Click it and we will land up in the below page.

Stay in this Page and add below Roles:-

Role NameRole Purpose
Integration SpecialistRefer the below diagram to understand what this role offers.
AttachmentsUserProvides access to the Attachments security group to download the log file or the output file with the ERP Integration Service. This role is automatically shipped. You must verify that this role is automatically assigned to the user.
Manage Webservices catalogThe role to manage the web services catalog.
SOA ADMINThis will be needed to add CISF Keys for callback.( To be revoked after CISF key is configured).
SOAOperatorClick here to understand what this role does for Weblogic.
Source : https://blogs.oracle.com/fmw/oracle-integration-cloud-oic-fusion-applications-security-requirements

You can open the Users section in Security Console and search for your user to verify if the Role was associated or not.

However when you move to OIC now and test the old connection which was failing. It should now show this.

Part 2: Now lets add the CISF Key

Open this URL in browser :-
https://<Your Fusion Server>/soa/composer

This shall open a webpage like this. Click Manage Security here.

Part3: Building the Service

Download the XLSM template file from here :-


  • Save it in a folder and generate the input CSV file in Same location.
  • Edit the Dates to recent dates for hassle free uploads.
The Main Integration
Adapter Configs

Now the Callback Service:-

ERP Trigger Config

Part4 : Testing the Services

Now place the file in the file input directory and run the Main Scheduled Service in adhoc mode.

The Job takes some time to get completed.

Once completed we received the callback.

For other type of Import we may come across concept of property files which needs to be zipped along with the test file. But this simple job can get you started.

Thanks for Reading.

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